Control and Uncertainty — a journey to the truth

My client, Phillipa Bray, shared this beautiful piece of writing from a key phase of our work together and she kindly said I could share here. Each client goes on their own journey and has their own experience of realising what’s true — who knows what your journey would be like, but this is Pip’s. I invite you to swim in the wisdom and beauty of it all.

Wooden letter blocks spelling “speak truth”
Wooden letter blocks spelling “speak truth”
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Excerpt from my journal, 4 weeks post-mastectomy, 10 minutes after my weekly coaching session

There is a joy in that somewhere. A freedom. A place of awakening and opening.

My Inner Controller is desperate to put some order back into proceedings.

2020 has been one such year for almost all of us.

I start to imagine what it would feel like to experience this unfolding with neutrality or wonder or awe for ALL of it

Life can be better than this! Reconnecting you to innate brilliance & writing about the truth of the human experience. Coach: Wild Fig Solutions @WildFigSolns

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